Serena Microphone Kit

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Serena Microphone Kit
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Serena builds upon Samantha and takes it to the next level.

Serena uses the same OPA circuit but replaces the capsule with a TSC-1, a full 34mm K67 style (Center Terminated) cardioid capsule.

Just like the JLI2555B capsule, the TSC-1 is also made in an ISO9001 certified facility. We have used this capsule for several years and not noticed differences between production runs.

The TSC-1 is a true condenser, so we need to bias the capsule. That is done with a Hex Inverter supplied from the 12V Zener supply on the OPA board. This provides a
consistent 80VDC bias voltage. Consistency makes the mic very repeatable, negating the need to match them. It also gives you a few more dB signal to noise ratio than standard condenser microphone.

Serena is one of the best microphones out there. So, what can we do with her?

Serena fits right into a Vocal Booth. Everything from close intimate vocals, really loud vocalists, and rap all come across with clarity.

The frequency response is quite consistent across Samantha’s cardioid pattern. This lets her shine on Choirs and Orchestras. A pair make an excellent ORTF rig providing a clear and detailed sound stage.

Serena is a great spot microphone for strings and other acoustic instruments. With two, you can achieve a great stereo image on almost anything.

Serena doesn’t try to “sound like” a tube mic, a specific output transformer, or a vintage mic. Nor do you need a lot of post processing or plugins to sound good. She just sounds good. Really good.


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