Microphone Assemblies

JLI offers fully assembled microphone assemblies and accessories for all purposes including: Paging, Transit, Performance, Public Address, Intercom, Computer, 2-Way Radio, Drive-Thru, Connectors, Pre-Amplifiers, Telecommunications Speech Recognition, Industrial, Recording, Measurement, Headset, Surveillance, Broadcast, Cables and Accessories.

Circuit Board Assemblies

JLI offers top quality printed circuit board sub-assemblies and assemblies ready to drop into your product. JLI assemblies are produced to fit your product perfectly. All mechanical, electrical, acoustical and environmental requirements can be accommodated. Our assemblies can be manufactured to your specifications or we can design for you.

Panasonic Microphones

JLI Electronics is the source for exact replacements for current and discontinued Panasonic Microphones, Microphone Holders, and parts. All microphones and holders are of equal or better quality, available at lower cost with shorter lead times, and are available with optional wires or wires and connectors attached.

Contact JLI or call us at 215-256-3200 to enquire about our selection of Microphones, Microphone Holders, Microphone Assemblies, Circuit Board Assemblies, or Exact Replacements for Panasonic Microphones.